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Author: Matt Gerber

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Why Your New Website Should Include Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Websites are powerful marketing tools. They provide valuable 24/7 online advertising, allow for customer interaction, establish credibility, help you remain relevant and competitive and can even grow your business. No matter what kind a website you are planning to build, whether it’s one for a brand-new startup or a redesign
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Krantz Design

Digital Showroom Development for Krantz Design For over 30 years, the artist, designer and master furniture maker behind Krantz Design, Robert Krantz, has been creating extraordinary, custom pieces of high-end furniture in Wisconsin’s Lake Country area. His beautiful furnishings are sold through a limited number of retailers and upscale art
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Ascension Lutheran Church

Church Website Design for Ascension Ascension Lutheran Church is a growing church community in Waukesha, Wisconsin that we had the pleasure of working with on their website redesign. They had a website that offered basic information about their church, but the way people worship and go to church had recently
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Mineral & Company

eCommerce Website Design for Mineral & Co Linda Lee, the founder of Mineral & Co., spent years developing her signature product: a unique, lush, silky and concentrated Magnesium body butter that helps relieve chronic, modern-day ailments like stress, sore muscles/joints, low energy, anxiety, depression, headaches and sleep deprivation. Now that
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Bigger isn’t Always Better: Who to Hire to Build your Small to Medium Business Website

When it comes to building a new website for your company, you’ll be faced with lots of decisions.
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American Friends of Journey House Actions Rwanda

Custom Nonprofit Web Design for AFJHAR American Friends of Journey House Actions Rwanda, or AFJHAR, is nonprofit organization that supports and funds education, women’s empowerment, workforce development, and health improvement programs in rural Rwanda. Most donations for charities and nonprofits these days are submitted online and AFJHAR realized that in
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Urban Slopes

Startup Website Design for Urban Slopes Urban Slopes is a new startup business launching in the summer of 2021. They offer a unique skiing and snowboarding experience using snow sports simulators that generate physical forces to replicate the sensation of skiing or snowboarding on real slopes. There are a few
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8 Telltale Signs your Website is in Need of a Redesign

Times change. Technology advances. Fashion trends come and go and (despite our best judgements) sometimes come again. The world, and everything in it, is constantly moving forward. Except for your website. If your website’s been stuck at a standstill for even just a few years, chances are it’s lagging behind
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Water Pro Exterior Cleaning

Performance Driven Web Design for Water Pro Exterior Cleaning Water Pro Exterior Cleaning is a small pressure washing company serving the Waukesha, WI area. They had a website that was only three or four years old, but it was under performing. They were no longer getting the number of leads
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Champion Appliance Care

Website Redesign for Champion Appliance Care Champion Appliance Care is a local appliance repair company serving Madison, North Madison and Middleton, WI for the last 30 years. They have an excellent reputation and thousands of satisfied customers, but their outdated website wasn’t pulling its weight.  The website’s look and feel
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