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Website Re-Design for The Irish Gardener

Jim Ward runs a small gardening and landscaping company in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin. Like many small business owners, he does most of the work himself and takes great pride in his work and level of personal, customer service. One thing that just wasn’t living up to his expectations was his website. 

It was not a particularly old or outdated website, but unfortunately it was never properly optimized, the set up for photo gallery was extremely limiting, the writing was cliche and it just missed the mark.  So naturally, Jim was a little nervous when he first came to us, but we were able to quickly put all his doubts aside. 

We began by eliminating the dropdowns from the top menu bar to streamline the navigation. We kept the design of the website very clean and simple, letting the photos be the focus and the bright green call to actions entice visitors to click deeper into the website. We re-wrote all the copy, making it light and conversational but also concise and to the point. We provided on page and technical search engine optimization so his small gardening business would rank better for local searches. Finally, we created a new photo gallery that not only perfectly showcased his abilities but would be easy him to update and grow as his business grows. 

You can view the finished gardening business website we created for Jim here: If you would like to learn more about our custom website design or see other examples of gardening and landscaping websites we’ve done, give us call at (414) 232-7862.

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