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High-End Ecommerce Website for Skyline Gems

Chris Retzlaff, owner of Skyline Gems is a fellow Lake Country resident and private jeweler. Chris has been in the jewelry business for quite some time and as a private jeweler he provides custom and fine jewelry in a personalized, white-glove experience. As his business started to grow, he decided to take Skyline Gems online and offer ready-made pieces as well.

He turned to Matt Gerber Designs to build him a custom ecommerce website that would serve as an online store for his high-end jewelry and advertise his services as a private jeweler. We began by diving into Chris’s business philosophy to determine what was really going to be the most important elements. And whether you were hiring Chris as a private jeweler or looking to purchase his ready-made items, it was the level of personal service and quality of the gems.

Using that, we made the focus of the website about quality and experience both visually and through the copy. We carried that over to the ecommerce portion of the website by implementing a simply, seamless online shopping experience. We chose a very clean, elegant design that would allow the jewelry to really shine. Dark blue, grey and white were chosen to set a very professional, high-end tone for the business. 

You can view the finished high-end ecommerce website here: If you are interested in a custom ecommerce website for your business or craft, we’d love to hear from you. Give our Lake Country Wisconsin office a call at (414) 232-7862 or reach out online.

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