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Great Email Marketing Designs That Get Results

It’s a simple truth about email marketing campaigns: Great design gets results. When an email is thoughtfully designed, it’s much more likely to encourage your customers to take action.

But things can get complicated. Overly designed emails might not get the attention they deserve, while cluttered emails can look like SPAM. Your designer must strike the right balance for your audience, making sure that the design is just right for the people you want to reach.

At Matt Gerber Designs in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, we create great mobile-friendly HTML email marketing designs for small and mid-sized businesses of all types. When we work with you, we get to know your business so we can create designs that are the right fit. That way, your emails are specially designed to encourage your customers to read and act.

Circulation & Promotional Marketing Emails Targeted to Your Audience & Goals

One unique subset of email marketing that we are especially adept at is circulation marketing. As readership numbers and habits have drastically changed over recent years, you want to ensure you work with someone who has the knowledge and skills to make you stand out. Reach out to our team for all variety of emails, including:

  • Circulation acquisition and retention emails
  • Promotional emails
  • Membership and continuity club emails
  • Campaign emails that correspond to responsive, mobile-friendly landing pages

From custom designs to customized templates and coding, we are available to handle all aspects of your circulation email and promotional email marketing needs. We can also work with you to ensure your emails send the right message, connecting with your audience in a way that encourages action.

Why Matt Gerber Designs for Email Marketing?

We have a great deal of experience in email marketing design and are familiar with the design and coding of most common email platforms, like MailChimp and Constant Contact. We’ve been handling email marketing design for years and can provide you with a list of satisfied clients and great results.

As an experienced, knowledgeable design firm, we always keep your business’s return on investment in mind. We’ll help you consider where to invest your marketing efforts so that you get the greatest ROI. Your email marketing efforts are only a part of your overall digital presence and your brand, so it’s important to make sure everything fits together. We can help with that.

Contact Us to Talk About Great Email Design

If you need help with your email marketing design, give us a call at (414) 232-7862. You can also complete our contact form. Customer service is a huge part of our business. That means we’re available to talk with you over the phone or by email. And we’ll continue to be there for you throughout the process.