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What Makes a Good Life & Business Coaching Website?

A website for your life coaching or business consulting service can help you stand out, build your personal brand, establish your credibility, and attract the clients you want. But just getting your business online isn’t typically enough. For a website to be a truly successful marketing tool that will help build and grow your coaching business it should: 

  • Build trust in your brand
  • Create credibility in your expertise
  • Provide useful information on your service
  • Position you as the solution to your client’s problem
  • Attract the right kind of clients
  • Generate high quality leads 

So how do you build a website that will meet these objectives? 

Elements of a Successful Life or Business Coaching Website 

After years of experience working with a variety of life and business coaches, here’s what we recommend every coaching website have.

Targeted Messaging 

Life coaching and business consulting websites are often more personal than other types of small business websites. They require a balance of business, compassion, and credibility to create value for potential clients. The messaging on your website is your first opportunity to speak directly with potential clients. Successful life and business coaching websites make the right first impression with targeted messaging that gets at the heart of their client’s needs. 

Provide Engagement

The goal of a life or business coaching website is to turn visitors into leads and leads into clients. A great first step is user engagement. Whether it’s through reading and absorbing content, watching videos, listening to podcasts, downloading eBooks, commenting on blog posts, sharing on social media or clicking on call-to-actions, providing a way for visitors to interact and engage with your business is critical to your success.

Samples & Testimonials

As much as you want the right clients, your clients want the right coach. To be successful, it must be the right fit for both of you. A great way to begin the vetting process is by offering web visitors a taste of your offerings, style and approach. This can be done through downloadable eBooks, blog posts, podcasts, or even client testimonials. Testimonials are a great way to showcase your past success and ability to deliver real results. They speak to your experience, expertise and add credibility to your claims. Most importantly, they offer a true sampling of you to attract the right clients. 

Targeted CTAs

Call to actions help guide visitors through the buying process of your website. Whether that action is to call a number, fill out a form or download an eBook, the more targeted your call-to-actions are, the more effective they will be. Targeted CTAs enhance the user experience. They are engaging, relevant, compelling and personalized. They can be targeted by visitor segment, visitor intent, funnel stage, or campaign. They can be static or dynamic. The important thing about targeted CTAs is that they deliver the right message, at the right time, to the right user. 

Lead Magnet Funnel

A highly effective way to generate leads that works well for life and business coaches is a marketing strategy referred to as a lead magnet funnel. It’s where you offer a product, service or resource in exchange for contact information. Examples include free trials, eBooks, video classes, newsletters, or consultations. When correctly implemented, they often help provide high-quality, motivated leads. However, to be effective a lead magnet funnel needs to be attractive and genuinely helpful without solving all their problems. The idea is that it helps persuade them into seeing the value of your offerings and creates momentum for them to come back and become paying clients. 

Grow Your Coaching Business with Matt Gerber Designs

If you’re interested in a new or redesigned coaching website for your business and would like to hear how we would put these elements of a successful life or business coaching website together for you, give us call at (414) 232-7862 or send us a message online. We’d be happy to discuss your website needs to see we’re a good fit to help you take your coaching website to the next level.