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What Makes a Good Contractor Website

As local search soars it’s never been more important for construction companies and other contractors to be online. But simply having a website isn’t going to do you much good. Your website should be one of your most important sales and marketing tools, but to do that it needs to be effective and to be effective there are some important features it should have.

Most Important Features of an Effective Construction Website 

For a construction website to be effective it should clearly communicate who you are, what you do and the value of your services. It should showcase your capabilities, set you apart from other construction companies, grab your visitors’ attention and encourage them to contact you. We’ve worked with a lot of construction companies and contractors and have found that the most effective way to do that is to make sure your website has the following features. 

Clear Service Pages

As a contractor, it only makes sense that the bulk of your website focus on your services. That is, after all, what you offer and what prospective clients are looking for when they first come to your website. These pages should inform visitors of what you do and demonstrate your knowledge, but also help filter out visitors looking things you don’t offer. One of the most effective ways to do this is to have a separate page for each specific service you offer. This gives you a place to clearly outline your capabilities and offerings. Focusing on each specific service one at a time will also help with SEO and your search engine rankings, helping get your website found by the people searching for your services.  


Contractor websites also need to build credibility. You aren’t going to get any leads from your website if visitors don’t believe your claims or a wary of your abilities.  One of the best ways to overcome that distrust is with testimonials and reviews from satisfied customers. Testimonials and reviews help build trust in construction websites by providing visitors with proof of your own claims. They provide examples, create emotional connections, humanize your brand and give visitors confidence in your business. Whether you put them on your homepage, sprinkle them throughout your website on related service pages or create a dedicated page just for visitors seeking them out, testimonials carry a tremendous amount of weight with potential clients. 

Case Studies

A case study expands a basic testimonial into a literal walkthrough of a past project.  They are filled with photos and details, outlining the scope of the project, challenges you faced, how you overcame them and finished result. Although they are a bit of work, they provide a level of credible and authenticity that’s nearly impossible to top making them arguably the most important and effective conversion-driving content on your website. 

Quality Images of Your Work

Pictures truly are worth a thousand words. High quality photos that show a contractor’s capabilities are better and more powerful than any words you can muster. The key here is quality though. Amateur photos, blurry images or out of date projects will have the exact opposite effect and can turn away prospective clients. Whether you include before and afters, a portfolio or a photo gallery, make sure whatever format you use is consistent, easy for your visitors to use and even easier for you to keep updated. 

Marketplace Differentiators

Your website is often the first impression potential clients will get of your construction company. Use it to set your company apart from the competition. Your website should demonstrate that you offer something the other guys don’t. Whether that’s a specialized service, a unique approach, advanced tools or a new technology, visitors need a reason to pick you for their project. 

Frequent Calls to Action

At the end of the day, your contractor website needs to get you leads. It needs to turn visitors into clients. That’s the end goal and the only one that really matters. Make sure your website is doing everything it can to get visitors to take that first step towards becoming a client with frequent and enticing calls to action. Visitors shouldn’t have to search your website for your phone number or the address of your showroom. They shouldn’t need to click more than once to submit a contact form. To be an effective website for your construction company, it needs to make it easy to capture leads. 

Build Your Construction Company with Matt Gerber Designs

We’ve designed, developed, and branded custom websites for all kinds of construction companies and contractors. Just like you, we take clients though a project from start to finish – from concept and design to development and building. We know, just like you, that looking good isn’t enough. It also has to be functional and meet the needs of the client. If people can’t find your website or if it’s not helpful or easy for them to use, it doesn’t matter how pretty it is. It won’t get you the leads you need. 

We can build you a custom construction website that will demonstrate your abilities, prove your capabilities, verify your knowledge, deliver an exceptional client experience and generate valuable leads. Give us call at (414) 232-7862 or send us a message online to get started today.


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