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Custom Website Design vs Template-Based Design

Not all websites are created equal. There’s a fair amount of web designers who will start with a theme or template and work backwards to shoehorn a company into it. Maybe it fits some of the company’s needs or maybe it’s just pretty. Either way, it’s not the best approach to web design. While it may work for some companies who are just looking to quickly get online or for those who only need their website to perform a few basic services and require minimal customization, this approach doesn’t take your business objectives into consideration and can cause issues if you ever want to change or update anything in the future. 

Issues with Themes or Templates for Websites

Templated or themed websites come with too many limitations. With a themed or templated website, not only are you limiting your design options, but you are also limiting the functionality and user experience of your website. 

Why You Shouldn’t Go with Themed-Based Web Design

  • Not all themes are mobile responsive. 
  • Not all themes are search engine friendly. 
  • No themes are optimized for your business, your consumer or for conversions. 
  • Themes are generally built to accommodate a lot of add-ons and plugins which will bog down your site and slow down the load time and negatively impact your SEO. 
  • You’re limited to what’s available with the theme that you chose. 
  • Customizations and future buildouts will be difficult, time consuming and expensive
  • Finding support for your site may also be difficult since the code will more than likely be written in a way that is difficult for a different developer to jump into and edit. 

That’s not to say templates or themes don’t serve some purpose or benefit. Templated websites take less time to build and are less expensive. But for most companies who aren’t limited by a tight deadline or budge, the cons far outweigh the pros. Which is why we support a custom approach. 

Advantages of Custom Web Design

Website templates limit brand expression, functionality, and scalability. While you may end up saving money up front, they usually end up costing more later. Whereas a custom website is built specifically for your needs, tailored to your brand, positioned to convert your visitors into buyers, and configured to grow with your business. It will undoubtedly provide you with a better online marketing strategy, require less maintenance and fewer third-party plug-ins. It may require more time upfront to design and code, but in the long run, you’ll spend less time than you would struggling to get a theme to perform the way you want. 

Why Should Go with Custom Web Design

  • Because they are built with your company, brand, consumers, business goals and objectives in mind, they are better at generating business. 
  • Because they are streamlined to meet the needs of your business, instead of being bogged down with all types of add-ons and applications you don’t need, the code is cleaner, making for faster load times and a higher SEO value 
  • Provided you choose a good web design company to start with, support will be easy to find. 
  • You’ll get a website that looks and functions exactly the way you want instead of having to make compromises based on what the theme allows. 

The Right Company Can Make All the Difference 

Just like all websites aren’t created equally, neither are all web design companies. Choosing the right company can be just as important as whether you choose a template or a custom design for your website. We’ve been designing high-quality, conversion-driven website for years. And although we work in WordPress a lot, we never simply shoehorn a business into a generic template. WordPress is simply a tool we use to help us achieve great designs for our clients. 

We always start by getting to know our clients, their business, their consumers, and their goals. Then we layout a custom design in Photoshop that not only looks great but is specifically designed to fit their needs and attract the right customers. We focus the design not just on where our clients are today, but where they want to be in the future as well, setting them up with a top-notch website that delivers on all accounts. If we sound like the kind of web company you want to work with, give us a call at (414) 232-7862 or contact us online.


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