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Water Pro Exterior Cleaning Website Design Screenshot

Performance Driven Web Design for Water Pro Exterior Cleaning

Water Pro Exterior Cleaning is a small pressure washing company serving the Waukesha, WI area. They had a website that was only three or four years old, but it was under performing. They were no longer getting the number of leads from it that they once were, which is what led them to contact our website design and development company. 

While their site wasn’t obviously dated like many underperforming websites, there were a few glaring issues and design elements that we try to steer clear of. The old site used a few flashy tricks, such as sliders and text that floats in to try and capture the user’s attention. We’ve learned that although these methods do capture the user’s eye, they are actually distracting and harmful when it comes to conversions. The site also lacked clear hierarchy with headings and call to actions that got lost in the content.

Our web design team when to work, viewing the site from a performance-driven standpoint. We cleaned up the look and feel, added a contrasting color to call out buttons and links, spaced out the content with larger headings, restructured the homepage to utilize that valuable real estate to capture leads with a contact form and added photos and icons as a way catch the user’s eye without distracting them. We also search engine optimized the website to help increase visibility and traffic to the site. Everything we did was strategically done for the purpose of driving more leads. 

The performance driven website redesign we completed can be seen here: If you are interested in learning more about our performance driven web design and development, give our Wisconsin office a call at (414) 232-7862. We’d be happy to discuss what a website redesign could do to help you capture more leads. 

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