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Lead Generating Website for Geoffrey Sandler

Geoffrey Sandler a benefit auctioneer, event emcee and public speaker. He has an amazing ability to tell thought-provoking, tug at your heartstring’s stories with just the right amount of humor, levity and truth. He was looking for an engaging, lead generating website that would grow his small business and we were thrilled to help. 

The most important and most challenging aspect of the design was balancing Geoffrey’s professionalism with a relaxed tone that captured the ease Geoffrey was able to bring to fundraising events. We designed the website to be engaging and interactive with a casual and conversational tone that invited the user to continue the conversation. This made generating leads a very natural part of the website. After a few clicks, visitors would feel like they already knew Geoffrey and reaching out would be easy, like contacting an old friend. 

We accomplished this by featuring a lot of pictures of Geoffrey at ease emceeing and speaking. This let visitors “see him in action” and picture him at their event. The content spoke to his experience and expertise and was peppered with natural calls to action that we’re not forced, but inviting. We also used a lot of testimonials, so visitors could hear from others what to expect. We included social media links in addition to a phone, email and a contact form, giving visitors another opportunity to connect with and engage with Geoffrey. 

You can check out the website we designed and developed for Geoffrey here: If you are interested in learning more about our engaging and interactive lead generating web design for small and large businesses, give us a call at 414-232-7862 or reach out online. 

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