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Urban Slopes Website Design Screenshot

Startup Website Design for Urban Slopes

Urban Slopes is a new startup business launching in the summer of 2021. They offer a unique skiing and snowboarding experience using snow sports simulators that generate physical forces to replicate the sensation of skiing or snowboarding on real slopes. There are a few businesses in world that offer a similar experience, but they were the first of their kind to launch in the USA. 

As a startup and a first of kind business, getting online was going to be extremely important, but it also came with a few challenges. Their new website was going to be their introduction to the world, and they needed it to be just right. And Matt Gerber Designs was thrilled with opportunity to design and develop their first business website. 

As with any website for a new business it would have to simplify their offerings in a way that was intriguing, informative and compelling. The best way to do this was going to be with videos and photos that would capture the excitement as well as showcase the equipment and experience. Knowing the target audience, online booking was also going to be a must. We also wanted to give them a way to generate buzz and leverage existing news articles to increase their reach. 

We build their new website using WordPress as we knew it would be able to handle all the elements we wanted to implement and easily grow as their business launched and expanded. You can view the startup website we built for them here: If you are about to launch your own start up and want to discuss getting your business online, give our Milwaukee area office a call at (414) 232-7862. We’d be happy to discuss our web design and development for startups. 

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