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Personalized Website The Poppy Girl

Small business owners are some of the most passionate, hard-working people we’ve met. And that certainly holds true for Kristin Campbell, owner of The Poppy Girl. The Poppy Girl provides interior design and plantscaping services to curate spaces that strengthen your spirituality and boost your wellbeing. 

Kristin came to us looking for a personalized website that was going to help launch her business, allow her to share her passion for plants with potential clients and really showcase her unique design services. Pulling on our previous experienced designing for landscaping and gardening websites, we built her a custom business website using WordPress. This allowed for a completely personalized design, while also providing an easy-to-use content management system.

We went with a clean and fresh design that stayed true to The Poppy Girl’s own design fundamentals. We let the photos speak for themselves and utilized the fun and bright red poppy color from their logo to guide the visitors eye through the content and to the call-to-action buttons. Subtle backgrounds gave a playful and lighthearted feel to the otherwise white webpages. A handwritten looking text was use for headings to add to the personalized feel.

You can view The Poppy Girl’s custom business website here: If you have a passion you would like to share with the world, give us a call at (414) 232-7862 or contact us online. We’d love to be the ones to help you grow your passion into a thriving business with a personalized website.

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If you’re thinking about working with us and would like to know more, give us a call at (414) 232-7862. You can also connect with us online. We’d love to talk with you about your business and design needs. If you’d like references, we have those, too. Our past and current clients would be happy to tell you all about our work and how it helped them for them.