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Brochure Design for Steele Solutions

Steele Solutions is a leading designer and manufacturer of steel mezzanines, towers, catwalks, pipe racks and work platforms. Their structures are in distribution, fulfillment, sortation centers, warehouses, factories, military facilities, and major retail centers, supporting conveyor systems, storage and other structures all across the US.

They offer an unbelievable variety of structures for nearly every industry you can thing of and needed a simple way to effectively communicate all their offerings to potential clients. So, they came to our Oconomowoc graphic designers looking for a way to summarize their offerings into one universal brochure that work for any industry.

There was a lot of product information to showcase in addition to the benefits of working with Steele Solutions, but our skilled team of print designers were able to condense the information into a well structured brochure that highlighted the most crucial information and provided imagery to support the information.

The resulting brochure has a clean and professional design and contains all the necessary product and company information without being cluttered. Our skilled graphic designers incorporated elements of the Wisconsin company’s existing branding into the print design to create a look that was consistent with other marketing materials the company uses.

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