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Industrial Business Website for Solenoid Systems

Design trends and technology seem to move at the speed of light. What was cutting edge or high-tech only a few years ago can easily date your website and image. Unfortunately, if you are in the technology design or manufacturing business, an outdated website can make your company and its technologies seem not so cutting edge. 

This is where Solenoid Systems found themselves before talking to our web design team. Solenoid Systems designs, develops and manufactures custom solenoid systems and valves using state-of-the-art simulation technologies that allow them to develop custom engineered solutions that outperform off the shelve solutions. Their outdated website was making their company and capabilities look outdated as well. 

They needed a website that was going to put them at the forefront of design and technology. This went beyond simply updating the look. We needed to dive into the minds of the target audience and develop a site that was going to build trust in their capabilities. One that was intuitive to their needs. 

Our team got to work right away, giving the site a new clean and professional feel. We made subtle but effective changes that make the site more user-friendly and effective at capturing leads. These included subtle color changes, carrots to the navigation to signal subpages, reducing movement and rollover effects and prominently placed contact information.   

You can check out their redesigned industrial business website here:  If you have a high-tech business that needs an updated look to keep up with your capabilities and capture more leads, give us a call at (414) 232-7862 or send us a message online. 

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