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Revision Inc. Website Design Screenshot

Tech Web Design for REVISION

REVISION is a tech company that offers innovative IT solutions and enterprise digital transformation services. Their clients include government agencies, airports and healthcare, so they offer some really complex, high-tech, cutting-edge technology. Unfortunately, their website was outdated and no longer represented the caliber of their offerings. It was hurting their image and their business. 

For technology companies, nothing hurts their reputation more than an outdated website. It’s hard for new clients to have a lot of trust in your services if their first impression of your company is anything but high-tech and cutting edge. And that’s exactly what brought them all the way from Colorado to our web design company in Wisconsin. 

They needed a website that was going to reposition them as an industry thought leader. One that would give potential clients all the information they needed in a way that was easy to understand and that instilled trust in their services and capabilities. And that’s exactly what we gave them.

Their redesigned website features clear headlines with strong, bite sized content that’s easy to digest and understand, eye-catching buttons and user-friendly forms. We went beyond a single testimonial on the homepage to also include customer outcomes, a place where REVISON can give detailed explanations of how their services helped solve real problems to instill trust in their capabilities. 

You can view the tech site we designed and developed for them here: If your website is beginning to hurt your reputation instead of help, give our web design and development company a call at (414) 232-7862. We’d be happy to take a look at your current website and discuss what a new updated design could do for your business. 

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