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Single Page Web Design for PPD

Palec Project Development (PPD) is a Milwaukee real estate company that provides development, planning and project management services to investors and property owners who need extra resources and staff for complex real estate ventures. They provide a rather complex range of services yet came to us wanting a simple website.

I use simple to describe the website as you see it, not the process our web designers went through to develop it. See the website we designed for PPD is a single page website, meaning that all the information, from the company tagline to the contact form, is on one page. Sounds simple enough, but that’s a lot of information that must be thoughtfully laid out in a relatively small amount of space. Not only that, but it all needs to flow as the web visitor scrolls through it, providing them with enough content, but not too much that it appears cluttered and overwhelming.

So, although it appears to be a simple one-page website, the thought process behind the layout, design, and content, was anything but simple. Our skilled web designers were able to hit the mark with this one, providing Andy with the seemingly simple website he desired for his company. You can view the finished one-page website here:

If you are interested in learning more about what our web designers can do to help you and your company stand out online with a single web page, give our Milwaukee, WI area office a call at (414) 232-7862 of contact us online.

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