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Updated Website Design for Old Abe’s

Old Abe’s Old Time Portraits is an old-time photography studio in Wisconsin Dells.  They want you to journey back in time with unique vintage sets and costumes for a fun family photo. Unfortunately, their website was also taking visitors on a journey back in time.  

Despite Old Abe’s old-timey feel, they needed an updated website that was going to appeal to families today. Photography and especially the way we view and share photos has changed a lot in recent years. The heavily outdated look and feel of Old Abe’s website was causing tourists to pass them by. If they were going to stay relevant and compete with other Wisconsin Dells tourist attractions, they needed to find a way to bring their website into the 21st century while still paying homage to their vintage craft.

Our website designers were up for the challenge. We needed to redesign their website in a way that looked old, but not outdated. We started up by updating the layout. We moved the navigation above the banner image, eliminated the columns and the image slider, organized the content with headers and call to actions, and gave the site a proper bottom navigation. To keep the vintage feel, we blended old and new photos, used muted colors and a serif font reminiscent of a letterpress typeface. To further appeal to today’s Wisconsin Dells tourists, we called out the digital specials, group rates and integrated an online shopping feature. 

The resulting website redesign was the perfect mix of old and new. You can check it out here: or if you are interested in learning more about what our website redesign services can do to update your website, give us a call at (414) 232-7862 or reach out online. 

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