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WordPress Multisite Design for Nature by Kaus

Nature by Klaus a company that provides hyper-realistic nature displays for museums, retailers, trophy rooms and other attractions. It is part of a larger company that includes two other websites we’ve also had the pleasure of working on: Waters by Klaus and Antlers by Klaus

We had previously set them up with a WordPress Multisite that would allow them to access all their individual business websites from one main WordPress dashboard. This not only makes it easy to manage and update multiple sites but is also a cost-effective business solution to running multiple websites. It also allows them to all have the same theme and plugins, creating continuity for the brand across its multiple websites. 

Even though this new website was part of a WordPress Multisite, Nature by Klaus still needed stand on its own with a look and feel that captured its uniqueness. So we began as we always do, by diving into what makes this business unique, who the target audience is and what are the business goals. This allows us to create a truly custom-built website that’s designed to meet the goals of the business on every level. 

Just like with the other websites, images were going to lead the design. But for Nature by Klaus, we needed to capture the scale of these displays as well as the fine details. We used stunning photos of their work, pencil drawings as well as video to accomplish this. We used a nature heavy, green and brown color scheme with lots of clean white space and a user-friendly navigation and layout with a contact form at the bottom of each page.  

You can see the complete website we designed for Nature by Klaus here: If you are interested in learning more about our custom-built website design services or about WordPress Multisite and how it could help you streamline your business websites, give us a call at (414) 232-7862 or send us a message online. 

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