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eCommerce Website Design for Mineral & Co

Linda Lee, the founder of Mineral & Co., spent years developing her signature product: a unique, lush, silky and concentrated Magnesium body butter that helps relieve chronic, modern-day ailments like stress, sore muscles/joints, low energy, anxiety, depression, headaches and sleep deprivation. Now that her product was finally ready to help the masses, she needed a way to get it to them. 

Linda, like many new small businesses, didn’t have a lot of products. She didn’t need a massive online store. Just something clean and easy to use that would allow her to sell her products online. Being a new company with a unique product, it was also extremely important that the website be informational and help her market and promote her product. 

We helped to create just that, a small ecommerce website that was part shopping cart and part marketing tool with a blog, testimonials, product video and FAQs. We looked to her tagline, “designed with nature and science,” to guide the look and feel of the site and pulled colors straight from her product packaging for a cohesive design that accentuated the branding. Once we where all happy with the custom site design, we went to work building it.  

Linda wanted to be able to sell her products either as a onetime purchase or a subscription and she wanted a hassle-free way to deal with shipping costs. It was also important that adding more products to the online store be easy and simple so that can expand her product line in the future. We chose to build the ecommerce site using WooCommerce for WordPress. Since the easy-to-use, open-source eCommerce platform is completely customizable and expandable, we were easily able to accommodate Linda’s needs. 

You can view her finished small business ecommerce website here: If you have a product you’d like to start selling online, give us call at (414) 232-7862 or contact Matt Gerber Designs online. We’d be happy to discuss our ecommerce website design and development services to see what we could do for your business. 

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