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Coaching Website for Human Ignition

Human Ignition is a business leadership coaching service and just one of the many business coaching sites we’ve had the pleasure of designing and developing. Their focus is on driving peak performance and unlocking the full potential within executives and their teams.  

To attract and entice their target audience, they needed a website that would balance the professional look and feel of their desired clients and their creative approach to business coaching. With extensive experience with business and life coaching website design, we were up for the challenge.

For the design, we kept to a business professional color scheme, using black and blue but choose varying shades and textural backgrounds to add some playfulness. We kept the site very open with lots of white space to give it an airy, spacious feel that sparks creativity, yet is still very professional. 

We used a straightforward navigation bar at the top of the site with a drop down menu for easy, user friendly navigation. Black calls to action were peppered throughout the site, giving them a stark contrast to the white. This was done to draw the visitors’ eyes and entice them to click. We also included a simple but effective contact form at the bottom of each page to capture as many leads as possible. 

The resulting website positioned Human Ignition as a leader in business coaching, established a strong image of their brand, help to build trust and credibility and was designed, written and search engine optimized to attract their ideal clients. You can view their finished coaching website here: or give our Wisconsin office a call today and let us help you grow your coaching business and brand.  

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