This was a great project to work on. Fishouflage is a high-end, niche clothing manufacturer and seller in Wisconsin. After a terrible experience with past developers and a prohibitively expensive annual Magento Commerce hosting plan, Matt Gerber Designs was brought on to help.

In addition to redeveloping their eCommerce site in the open-source/Community version of Magento, which dramatically lowered their annual costs, the site was redesigned from the ground up with a simplified user experience and cleaner design. Matt Gerber Designs also rethought many of their existing integrations with the hopes of minimizing costs further while offering even more features and flexibility.

The end result isn’t just a website that solves many problems that existed prior to Matt Gerber Designs involvement, but also is a firm foundation for the company to build from during the next several year’s of continued growth.

You can check out Fishouflage’s new site here:


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