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IDX Real Estate Website for Driftless Area Group

Driftless Area Group was a really fantastic company to work with. They offer a unique mix of services, real estate, land surveying, insurance and interior design, to the southwest section of Wisconsin known as the Driftless Area.

When they first approached our Wisconsin website design company, we were thrilled but a little concerned about how we were going to pull these seemingly different services into one cohesive website. As we began to work through it, we realized that these services really do go hand-in-hand in a way that provides top of the line customer service that goes beyond the basic level of customer service—very much the same way we view and treat our clients.

Although they provide all these different services, the heart of the website we were designing for them needed to be a real estate website with MLS listings. We choose to design and develop their real estate website in WordPress. Not only are WordPress websites easy to manage and update, safe and secure, and fully customizable, but they also offer several IDX options that made integrating the MLS listings into the website fairly simple.

The resulting website works perfectly to market their full range of services while allowing users to easily search MLS listings right from their new real estate website. You can try it out yourself here: If you have a real estate company and are wondering how you can get an IDX real estate website with integrated MLS listings, give us call at (414) 232-7862 or send us a message online. We’d be happy to discuss all the IDX website integration options that will work with your MLS provider.

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