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Industrial Website Design for Dings Company

Dings Co. Magnetic Group provides metal separation solutions to companies around the world, engineering and manufacturing a variety of industrial magnets. They’ve been in business for more than 120 years and are well known but they have a massive website that needs to be kept up to date for them remain competitive and be seen as innovative.

They turned to Matt Gerber Designs with our extensive experience designing and organizing industrial and manufacturing websites for their latest redesign. With a website of this magnitude it’s nice to be able to carry over some elements from the previous site. This helps to create brand consistency and a user-friendly UX design that’s easy for current customers to navigate. 

We were able to reuse much of the content and kept the navigation and color scheme similar with an updated look. The UX design made it easier for visitors to navigate by product or industry, depending on their preference. The new website’s top navigation was made larger and clearer, giving more weight to the phone number and contact button to generate more leads. We put more of a visual focus on their products and utilized more white space to give the whole website a cleaner, updated look. We conducted keyword research and updated the onsite SEO to help with their search engine rankings to get more visitors. 

You can view the industrial website we created for Dings Magnetic Group here: If you are interested in learning more about our UX website development or our experience designing websites for industrial and manufacturing business, give our Wisconsin office a call or reach out online. 

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