Branding Services for Delafield Hair & Friends

Delafield Hair & Friends is a neighborhood salon run by Cory Willgrubs in Delafield, Wisconsin. Cory opened the salon in 2014 and came to us for our branding services. She was looking for a complete rebrand of her salon to something that really spoke to the kind of dedicated service and attention to detail she prides her company on.

As a hair salon, the branding needed to be clean and fresh, but it was also extremely important that it remained warm and inviting. The logo you see here uses bold blocks of color to balance out the playful script design that cleverly combines the initials of her company name into a simple and elegant symbol.

Once we nailed the logo design, this new branding was used as a jumping off point that we then used to design and build the company’s new website.

You can see how the logo design and branding came together perfectly on the website we designed here: If you’d like to learn more about the branding services we offer or need a new corporate logo, give our Wisconsin web and graphic design company a call at (414) 232-7862.  We’d be more than happy to discuss what our design and branding services can do for your company.

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