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Website Redesign for Angelina’s Ristorante

Sometimes after you’ve had a website for a while, it stops performing as it should. Technology and the way we use the internet are constantly changing, and a website that once looked modern and functioned well is no longer providing users with what they need. And that’s exactly what happened to this client.

Angelina’s Ristorante is an amazing local, family restaurant in Delafield, Wisconsin that was in desperate need of a new website. It wasn’t really that long ago when most restaurant websites weren’t much more than a business listing with a phone number and an address. But that doesn’t cut it with today’s savvy internet users. Now it’s expected that restaurant websites have the full menu, professional photos, and a reservation system. They turned to us for our website development services.

With this redesign, we wanted to make sure we met the user’s expectations on what a restaurant website should be while marring  the classic Italian charm of restaurant’s interior with the emphasis on the great food and wine that the restaurant offers.

You can view their redesigned website here: and if you have an existing website that is no longer performing, give us a call at 414-232-7862 or contact us online. We’d be happy to discuss our web development services with you to see if a redesign could help.

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