Brand Development & Logo Design for Aleta Norris

Much like the website that we ended up designing for Aleta Norris, putting together the new brand for her women’s leadership and coaching initiative was a wonderful experience. Aleta is an amazing life coach, best-selling author, and the creator of Women Who Spark with a mission to help women in their mid-life live find happiness, confidence, and purpose.

Once again, we were inspired working with her and honored to offer her our brand development services. Aleta wanted the new brand to be professional while also speaking to her all-female target demographic.

The logo our graphic designers came up with is simple, yet completely hit the mark by perfectly combining a professional and feminine feel into one. The soft, scripty font contrasts with an exceptionally clean, light-weight sans serif font just as the soft pink color contrasts a utilitarian grey. Together they are the perfect visual representation of the Aleta Norris brand.

You can see how the logo design fits in with the rest of her branding by visiting the website we also designed for Aleta here: and if you are interested in having our graphic designers help create a new brand logo for your business, give us a call at (414) 232-7862 or send us a message online. Our Milwaukee area web and graphic designers have helped companies across Wisconsin, Minnesota and the Midwest develop strong branding through logo design and custom website development.


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