Brazil Law Group

  Dan Brazil of the Brazil Law Group went through a branding change during the summer of 2018 as they moved into a new space in Uptown, a trendy area in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Along with [...]

Calyx Business Resources

  Matt Kirchoff, of The Kirchoff Group, is a long-time client of Matt Gerber Design’s. Having previously developed the website for their residential real estate business, we were a [...]

Log Ski Rack

  Kurt Kinnunen of Hitch Exclusives reached out during the summer of 2018 for a new eCommerce site to sell his Log Ski Racks. He already had a brand, Log Kayak Rack, that he was using to [...]

Farmhouse Style Magazine

  In early 2018, as a part of my ongoing work with Annie’s Publishing, we started talking about their new magazine that would be launching—Farmhouse Style. In addition to many other [...]

Mission Construction Website

After designing an all-new brand for Chad Lati and his Twin Cities construction company, Mission Construction, we moved on to the new website for located at The [...]

TTP Academy

  When Nina Fedak approached us, she was completely rebranding the dance company that she ran for decades in Hartland, WI. With this rebrand, Nine needed a very simply logo and all new [...]

Lucky Dog Pet Lodge

  Tom from Lucky Dog Pet Lodge was looking for a new site not just to bring new life to his online presence but to ensure he stays ahead of an increasingly competitive market in the Twin [...]

Kar-Tech, Inc.

  This was a complete redesign of Kar-Tech’s website to incorporate their new branding and an expanded store. With the expansion from around a dozen products in Kar-Tech’s online [...]

The Property Advisor

  Although the Property Advisor website design centers around the company’s real estate listings on it’s face, it really has another feature that nearly supersedes it in [...]

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